Introduction to Quantum Research for Girls

Join our free international nine-week research programme for girls of all levels to get involved in the world of quantum physics and quantum computing!

Interested in Quantum?

From the 29th of April to the 28th of June you will embark on an exciting journey through the world of quantum. Learn the basics, or engage with more advanced material on quantum computing and quantum physics. Get introduced to the world of academic research and tackle a research project with your team! From beginners to advanced, we offer resources for everyone! Expand your knowledge and make your first steps into the world of quantum research.

Whether is Quantum Physics or Quantum Computing, we have you covered!

The programme at a glance

The nine-week programme consists of two parts. In the first part you'll be taught about the basics of quantum computing, the foundations of quantum mechanics and are introduced to the world of research. In the second part you will be conducting a research project in a group under the guidance of an academic mentor. You'll finish with bang by presenting your research poster, which will be published in our proceedings!


In week 0 you will be introduced to the programme. There will be a refresher on Python and on Linear Algebra. Make sure to check out our preparation material below to get ready for the course!

Learning Time

By engaging in interactive live sessions in weeks 1-3, we will get you covered in the basics of quantum computing and foundations of quantum mechanics. There will be also sessions to build your skillset as a researcher.

Mentor-guided Research

After you have been assigned a team and an academic mentor in week 3, you will apply your learning and skills while working on a group research project in weeks 4-7!


The research is done and your research poster is ready to be presented to the cohort! Boost your presentation skills in our internal poster presentation competition and have it published in our proceedings! You have successfully completed the programme!

Application Requirements

  • Identify as a girl or non-binary student
  • Be in high school or first-year undergraduate (gap years are also considered)
  • Be curious and passionate about the quantum world (we accept all levels of expertise!)
  • Be willing to work in a team and to learn from others
  • Commit to the programme schedule to the best of your abilities
  • Make sure to go over the preparation material linked below, especially If you are a beginner!

*Psst*... For you!

We have curated this beautiful Notion Page for you to kick-start your adventure right now and get ready for the course!

We expect you to go over these resources, in particular, if you are a beginner who wishes to apply for the course.

Meet our Professionals

Prof. Dr. Satyadhyan Chickerur

Quantum Machine Learning, Convergence of HPC and AI

Professor and researcher at KLE Technological University and Head of Center for High-Performance Computing. He is a NVDIA DLI Instruction and Ambassador, and the execom member of IEE Signal Processing Society of the Bangalore Chapter.

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Hellstern

Quantum Optimization, Quantum Machine Learning

Professor and Doctor affiliated with DHBW Stuttgart. He is interested in quantum optimisation and quantum machine learning. Specially in the applications in risk measurement and management and the power of rising digital currencies.

Dr. Filip Bar

Pure mathematics and theoretical physics

Founder and CEO of PhysicsBeyond. Dr. Bar got his PhD from Cambridge, he is a qualified teacher of maths and physics with more than six years of teaching experience, and is currently affiliated with Lund University doing research in Synthetic Differential Geometry, Infinitesimal Algebra and its applications to Classical Field Theory.

Manuel Rudolph

quantum machine learning and simulations

PhD Physics candidate at EPFL in the group of Prof. Zoë Holmes. He works on quantum algorithms for near- to mid-term quantum devices, focusing on high-performance numerical methods for simulating quantum systems and quantum machine learning approaches.

Kathrin Koenig

Quantum Error Mitigation

She is at the Fraunhofer IAF, University of Freiburg as a PhD student. She is interested in Quantum Error Mitigation, especially Zero-Noise-Extrapolation, in error characterisation in superconducting devices.

Vanessa Dehn

Quantum Information

She has been working on her PhD in quantum information at Fraunhofer IAF. In her PhD thesis, she investigates and develops quantum algorithms and uses the IBM Quantum System One in Ehningen near Stuttgart.

Mohammed Alabdullah

Quantum Science

Physics Master student on Quantum Science and Technology at the joint programme of Technical University of Münich and the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München. He has a particular interest in condensed matter physics, electromagnetism and quantum mechanics.

Jannes Stubbemann

Practical applications of quantum computing

Computer Scientist with a deep dive in quantum computing. He is interesting in useful quantum application and building the foundation for a global quantum community. Formerly led PushQuantum at TU Munich.

Sanskriti Oza

Quantum Algorithms and Error Correction

She has graduated from Savitribai Phule Pune University with a Bachelor of Engineering degree in IT. She is passionate about learning new technologies and sharing her knowledge with others.

Juweria Sayed

Quantum Key distribution, QEC and Quantum sensing

She has an undergraduate from the University of Mumbai, and she is interested in QKD, QEC and Quantum Sensing. She is a content creator at QuantumGrad. Moreover, she has been a project intern at QuantumAI and QWorld.

Upcoming Mentor!

Quantum Field interest

We will continue updating our list as soon as we welcome mentors to our programme!

Upcoming Mentor!

Quantum Field interest

We will continue updating our list as soon as we welcome mentors to our programme!

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