Application Process

Do you think you have what it takes to become a BeyondResearch Scholar?

Applications open in April 2024

Thank you for your interest in the BeyondResearch programme! Here you can find the guidance you will need to follow in order to apply for a spot in this selective program.
The process


Personal Statement

Write an A4 page introducing yourself, including your interests and how you have developed them, how you would benefit from this program and provide examples or evidence showcasing that you meet the prerequisites of a Scholar.


Math Assessment

Submit your answers to the set of problems. Approach them with curiosity, inquisitiveness care and attention to detail how a researcher would. Start each problem on a new page and remember to state the number of the problem you are trying to answer on top of it.


Interview Stage

It will be your opportunity to demonstrate what you have written in your personal statement and explain your solutions and approaches to the math assessment problems in your particular way. We do not look for perfection but for curiosity, creativity and attention to detail!


Secure a spot

Up to ten candidates will be selected in a probation period for four weeks time, in which they will be participating in the full course. After the trial period, up to five positions will be officially awarded to those who demonstrate most suitability and dedication to the program.

Although we would like to take all of you who have made it to the final round, sadly, we can only accommodate five scholars in the live sessions in the long term. It is the small group size and the dedicated care our Scholars receive, which is is one of the things that make our programme special.

However, everyone who has made it to the final stage will be offered to join the community of the BeyondResearch Scholars and have access to the recordings of the BeyondResearch sessions and the other resources!

My future life trajectory would probably be very different had I not participated in BeyondResearch. I’m extremely grateful for this incredible opportunity!

- Monica

BeyondResearch Scholar

What you need to know about the Math Assessment

Do not approach the problem like you would at school. Instead, approach them with curiosity, inquisitiveness care and attention to detail how a researcher would! You might want to keep in mind:

Please save your personal statement and your answers to the maths problems as one PDF file with your name as your filename.

Pushing us to really think instead of telling us the answers – it’s awkward when you have no clue but its much more beneficial in the long run!

- Daniel

PhysicsBeyond Participant
Let's hear the advice of Senior Scholars

How to best prepare for the programme?

Try to read through and understand some math textbooks at undergraduate level beforehand, such as Abbott “Understanding Analysis”, Tao “Analysis I” or Amann-Escher “Analysis I” (which you will use in the course!), to gain familiarity with the abstract language and thinking that may be required.

Be prepared to re-arrange your priorities, but also be able to set your boundaries, working hours, and commitments.

Be very thorough on what’s taught during 11th and 12th grade in your school and study it properly. Make sure to go through the 3Blue1Brown playlists that Dr. Bar suggests. I think having extremely solid foundations is essential for your success in BeyondResearch.

This was a place where I faltered: I self-studied 11th and 12th grade math by myself and there were minute details I ignored in a way I shouldn’t have. (Over time these have been fixed and I am solid on this now; but it was a bumpy road for me that could have been avoided!)

Also be mentally prepared to fall, and repeatedly fail, and have things not work for you as easily as you want them to. Looking into Personal Knowledge Management, effective scheduling and study skills before the course would be really helpful, too. However briefly one chooses to look into them, I think it’d go a long way!

Financial side

Costs and Tuition

What are the costs of BeyondResearch?

To cover the cost of one Scholar of $10,740 per year, we rely on donations and fundraisers as well as fees. The standard fee per Scholar is $100/week* charged for 10 out of 12 months to accommodate for expected absences due to holidays in the first year, and 9 out of 12 months to accommodate for final year exams like IB, A Level, etc. in the second year. The fee can be paid monthly, for the full 10 months, or for the full 19 months up front**.
To support young talents from weaker financial backgrounds we are offering a range of need-based scholarships.

Please, do not be put off by the fees and apply!

*Depending on your local currency the exact amount might be subject to fluctuations due to currency exchange rates.
**The first two months of the probationary period will be charged separately, so payments can be made either monthly, 2 + 8 months up front, or 2 + 17 months up front.


We want to support those from weaker financial backgrounds.

If you require financial aid, you can let us know once you have passed the interview stage, and we will try to help. This way we make sure that our selection process is solely based on ability instead of financial background and remains fair.

How much fee reduction and how many need-based scholarships we can offer depends on how much additional funds we can raise.

If you cannot afford the full fees, we recommend you apply for scholarships to private or governmental funding agencies, international scholarships you are eligible for, and run a crowdfunding campaign to increase your chances of being able to participate in the programme.