Climb your way up with us

Empowering you to stand tall on the shoulders of Giants

Are you a young mind who has a very strong interest in maths, theoretical physics or computer science? Are you fully devoted to pursue the subjects of your interest? Do you aspire to follow a career in research?

We are currently preparing lots of new programmes introducing you to research in different topics in Maths and Physics!

After Quantum Computing, we are getting ready to tackle AI with our BeyondAI programme!

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One of the greatest physicists of all time, Sir Isaac Newton, has said that he was only able to see so far because he was standing on the shoulders of giants. But before you can stand on the shoulders of giants, you first have to climb your way up!

BeyondResearch is going to help you getting there!

- Dr. Filip Bar

Founder and Mentor
Our aim

Welcome to BeyondResearch

Note that due to rebranding and the new programmes we are currently developing there will be no BeyondResearch this year. Instead look forward to 

  • BeyondAI:  An Introduction to AI and Research
  • BeyondQuantum:  An Introduction to Quantum and Research
  • BeyondAlgebra: An Introduction to Linear Algebra from a Researcher’s Point of View
  • BeyondLogic:  An Introduction to Formal Logic and Proof from a Researcher’s Point of View

The BeyondResearch programme is a bespoke, comprehensive and intense two year mentoring programme designed for dedicated, driven and ambitious students who aspire towards a career in research.

Our aim is to help you develop the skills to be able to participate in theoretical research by the time you become a first year undergraduate at university.

We consider resuming the BeyondResearch programme in 2025 and will be recruiting Scholars from the BeyondAlgebra programme.

we offer

The definitive choice for aspiring researchers

Our exceptional programme offers weekly transformative learning adventures. Engage in small-group live sessions, tackle creative assignments, embark on captivating reading tasks, and more!
Once every month you will participate in an individual mentor meeting where we will discuss topics key for your personal development, like

In addition, you will have fantastic opportunities to engage and contribute to the PhysicsBeyond community!

Live Online Sessions

Exploring, providing feedback, ideating, and engaging with mathematics from a researcher's point of view.

Review & Summary

Building your personal knowledge management system, learning from feedback and reflecting on growth.

Independent Reading

Learn the art of self-guided study by delving into recommended mathematics literature.

Practice Problems

Deepen your comprehension, develop technical skills, master advanced problem solving, and nurture your creative thinking.

Mathematics is the language in which God has written the universe.

- Galileo Galilei


What are the prerequisites?

Like in PhysicsBeyond the most important prerequisite for a BeyondResearch Scholar is love and passion for maths as well as a growth mindset. In addition, due to the nature and length of the programme an aspiring Scholar has to show:

You have not participated in other co-curricular programmes, competitions or olympiads so far? No worries! This is not a prerequisite for a successful application for the BeyondResearch programme. However, as an aspiring Scholar you should be familiar with some maths beyond the typical school syllabus. As a bare minimum you should know about Linear Algebra and Calculus to the extent as it is covered in 3Blue1Brown videos ‘Essence of Calculus‘ and ‘Essence of Linear Algebra‘. You should also be familiar with the basic concepts of functions and sets to some extent as covered here.

Note that future iterations of BeyondResearch will recruit Scholars from the BeyondAlgebra programme. If you are interested in BeyondResearch please apply to our BeyondAlgebra programme first.  (Planned for Summer 2025)