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We are here to empower the future generation of researchers

Welcome to PhysicsBeyond!

PhysicsBeyond is a co-curricular academic programme developed primarily for students age 16 – 19, but is open to anyone with a very strong interest and passion for Physics, Maths or Computer Science , who would like to explore the subject beyond the school syllabus and with a novel perspective and approach. Its goal is to create a community to inspire, collaborate and support each other while learning and exploring Physics, Maths and Computer Science together.

PhysicsBeyond is offering a dedicated high-level mentoring programme, BeyondResearch, to raise the 21st century global leaders in STEM research.

Thank you for a year of exceptional teaching. You pushed me above and beyond anything I thought I would be able to do at A Level and opened up countless new scientific avenues for exploration. I will take this analytical and thorough way of working through to my degree, where I’m sure it will stand me in good stead, so thank you again.

- Matt

PhysicsBeyond Participant

About our Founder

Dr. Filip Bar

Hello and thank you for wanting to learn more about PhysicsBeyond’s BeyondResearch programme! I am an innovative and enthusiastic educator and researcher, who loves teaching Maths and Physics. Very passionate about working with young people across the World, who express an extraordinary interest in my subjects, I have created the PhysicsBeyond programme to help them grow and develop their interests efficiently and effectively. My teaching is strongly influenced by Humboldt’s Ideal of a holistic combination of teaching and research. I set high aspirations for my students in class, and commit to support them towards becoming responsible independent learners with well-developed, effective life-long learning skills as well as the grit to pursue their own dream.

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What is your own academic background?

My own academic path led me to study Physics, Maths and Computer Science at the universities of T√ľbingen and Munich in Germany before completing my PhD in Mathematics at the University of Cambridge. As well as a researcher I am also a qualified teacher with more than 5 years of teaching experience at a selective top independent school. Currently I have returned back to be a research mathematician.

I can’t imagine what would have happened if I hadn’t had the opportunity to get to know PhysicsBeyond. Besides being able to learn more about mathematics and research, I consider that I have grown as a person and my skills have been enhanced exponentially!

- Maria

BeyondResearch Scholar
Insights on our story with Dr. Bar

What inspired you to create the BeyondResearch programme?

As an A Level student I have been fortunate to get the opportunity to participate in a math circle, which has deeply inspired me to pursue Mathematics besides my love of Physics. The math circle itself has been a remnant of a scholarship programme of accelerated study for exceptionally talented secondary school students in STEM. This programme together with my strong belief in Humboldt’s Ideal of the holistic combination of teaching and research inspired me to create PhysicsBeyond back in 2017.

Since then I have been always looking for how to improve the courses and offers of PhysicsBeyond to cater especially for those exceptionally driven and ambitious students interested in STEM research, who want to push ahead and would benefit from a proper guidance and structure to be able to do so effectively. Over the years, and with lots of feedback from my PhysicsBeyond students, I have been carefully developing a framework that does achieve this goal. This framework has now become the BeyondResearch programme, which has been trialed, tested and further refined during the pilot run in the academic year 2021/22.

I really appreciate Dr Bar’s vast VAST knowledge of Mathematics and Physics, and am really appreciative to have access to it and gain just a little of it in the sessions. I really like thinking from the perspective of a researcher (not having calculus, desmos, etc.) and have also had my resolve strengthened to become a researcher in the future.

- Maya

PhysicsBeyond Participant
Insights on our story with Dr. Bar

Why did you create the BeyondResearch programme?

I love both teaching and research and am very passionate about working together with young people across the World, who express an extraordinary interest in my subjects. Very much in the spirit that the young generation shall surpass the old I wish that extraordinary young people aspiring to become researchers in STEM get the guidance and mentor I never had. I wish they attain my level of skill and get to the level of my understanding much sooner, surpass me eventually and cultivate their creativity and out-of-the-box thinking to help tackling the problems and challenges of our time while pushing the frontiers of Science. I wish they can realise their full potential and do not feel like they have to wait before the education system permits them to do so. Once they make their own discoveries I want them to be able to make themselves heard instead of being silenced. This is why I have created this programme. I hope my students will continue my legacy, keep building the community and become mentors to other young talents as I have been a mentor for them in the future. This is the difference I wish to make with the BeyondResearch programme in the long run.

It is a unique opportunity to explore Physics in a more advanced setting which is much more enjoyable and challenging than the school syllabus. One can gain lots of skills and knowledge and simply have fun while doing it. You also get to meet people with similar interest and goals in a diverse environment.

- Anna

PhysicsBeyond Participant